Field Trips

Field Trips at Red Oak

Why Field Trips

Red Oak Christian School values hands-on learning.

In a world where field trips have become “extracurricular,” we understand that the hands-on learning that comes from them enriches our children’s education. 

Field trips at Red Oak Christian School are not just about fun outings. They are carefully designed to expand the curriculum, strengthen observation skills, and increase knowledge of specific subject areas, all while fostering a sense of community awareness. 

Nature-Focused includes any field trip that focus on exploring and learning about nature around us and our place in it. From trips to a nursery to visits to a zoo, these trips are designed to keep students curious about all living things.

Culture Field Trips expand students’ awareness of the world around us and helps students find ways to express themselves. These trips include art and architecture, food and technology.

From visits with a farmer or experiencing an architects’ 3-D models, we learn about people, their culture, and their jobs. Through this we hope to encourage students to find what they are passionate about.

Field trips to museums can be an excellent way to learn about so many topics. Art, Science, History, and so much more. With these trips the main focus is learning by looking, instead of learning by doing. 

Every student has their own unique learning style, so sprinkling in museum trips throughout the year helps keep a well-rounded teaching approach.

Field Trip Photo Gallery